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Accounting & Payroll Services

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Accounting & Payroll Services!

We are a leading name in the field of offering Accounting Consultancy Services. We provide tailor made book keeping services to clients from all business fields with various solutions to free themselves from accounting routine and supervision works. We depute our accounting expert team in the client’s office.

Accounting Service

The range of services includes:

• Designing and setting up appropriate accounting system.
• Designing financial reports with customized format
• Book keeping and accounting- to make it up to date for the completion of audit;
• Application and compliance of IAS/BAS/IFRS and regulatory laws;
• Preparation of vouchers and documents wherever necessary;
• Preparation and updating of cash and/or bank books;
• Preparation of general ledger;
• Preparation of subsidiary books
• Preparation of a journal register;
• Preparation of all schedules for all items including expenditure, creditors, debtors, fixed assets, advances and revenue;
• Bank reconciliation statements and bill financing reconciliation statement up to date, etc;
• Preparation of financial statements and notes of the accounts. Financial statements will include the following –
– Balance sheet
– Profit & loss account / Income statement
– Cash flow statements
– Statement of changes of equity and value added statements;
– Notes to financial statements including significant accounting policies
• Preparation of consolidated financial statements;
• Regularization of inventory posting, recording and reporting;
• Finally, up to date the account of the Company

Payroll Processing

We conduct payroll processing of many companies and in some cases we carry out the payroll audit before payroll processing by the clients. We depute our payroll team in the client’s office and carry out

• Salary compositions/ break up
• Preparation of salary masters
• Preparation of monthly payroll sheets
• Tax withholding from the payroll
• Preparing secure pay slips
• Arranging the payment of salaries by preparing Bank transfer advise in bank specific formats
• Taking care of the all the Income Tax forms as well