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Company Secretarial and Corporate Services

Our Company secretarial and Corporate Services assist clients in setting up new companies in Bangladesh and provide corporate support services including provision of registered office, business registration, bank account opening, Work permit and Visa processing for Expatriates attending board meetings, preparing board minutes, company restructure, company dissolution, Export and registration, trade bodies membership, BOI registration, trade mark registration, certificate and licenses such fire license, environmental license etc.,and payroll and provident fund, WPPF management etc.

Company Law Services

We are very successful in the field of offering Company Law Consultancy Services. With Companies functioning in Bangladesh governed by Companies Act, 1994, each company needs to get registered with Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) and file necessary documents for different statutory requirements.

Mainly, Bangladeshi companies are of two types –

• Private Limited Company –
• Where maximum numbers of members are 50
• It prohibits any invitation to public to subscribe shares/debentures

• Restrict right to transfer its shares
• Public Limited Company –
• Invite public to subscribe shares or debentures
• No limit on maximum members

We provide the following services to our clients:

o Formation, incorporation, liquidation, and winding up of companies
o Preparation and filing of Annual Return
o Preparation of AGM minutes
o Preparation of Director’s minutes
o Formation and registration of companies and close corporations
o Maintenance of statutory records
o Amendments to and registration of statutory details
o Increase of share capital
o Change of company name
o Change of Articles & memorandum
o Preparation of special resolutions
o Advice on secretarial matters relating to the companies Act.
o Management of Litigation
o Management of legal Disputes
o License issues
o Legal opinion on laws, licenses, AOA etc.
o Compliance with relevant laws & regulations
o IP rights (Logo, Trademark, Copyrights )
o Correspondence with Corporate Regulatory Bodies
o Drafting, Reviewing & Providing Opinion on:
– Agreement, MoU, NDA, Undertaking etc.
– REP, PO/WO, LOI etc.
– Legal Notice etc.