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Outsourcing can be beneficial to your business in many ways. It provides peace of mind and can often very cost-effective. We offer add-hoc and permanent supports to clients, both companies and individuals. We adopt up-to-date techniques and procedures in order to guide advice and assist our clients on the maintenance of their accounting records and compliance with current accounting standards and applicable corporate laws. We believe in quality and integrity so that we can provide exactly what client need, accurately and timely.

Our services include:

• Monthly management accounts
• Annual financial statements
• Processing of accounting records
• Payroll services including restructuring of salaries from the points of tax benefits
• Bookkeeping, management, accounting and payroll services
• Timely preparation of year-end financial statements
• Preparation of year end payroll returns
• Advice and support on choosing and implementing accounting software
• Design and implementation of financial systems and controls
• HR solutions

Outsourcing Facilities:

We are one of the leading names in the field of offering service support for handling ‘Outsourcing Facilities.’ Here, our team of experts effectively handles Business Process Outsourcing services that are based on listening to our clients needs as well as developing innovative ways towards meeting their needs. Working closely with management, we assist clients in reaching their goals.

Some of the key factors that aid us in successfully supporting the Outsourcing of a Business Process include:

• Thoroughly analysis of process so clients know the involved costs and can determine cost savings of outsourcing over specific time period
• Defining roles & responsibilities in outsourcing partnership to ensure there are no surprises and goals & expectations are clear to both parties
• Establish measurable performance objectives including speed of transactions, time period to close books and others with establishment of performance incentives including rewards and penalties for meeting those objectives
• Developing detailed transition plan for ensuring smooth hand-off where outsourcing is major undertaking benefiting from careful advanced planning
• Establishing clear dispute-resolution process for handling issues as they arise, thus making for smoother operations and ensuring there is no contractual or legal problem
• Monitoring results for bringing continuous improvements thorough arranging long-term contracts on yearly renewal basis that allows annual review of outsources performance